enSiteCRM© for Non-Profit

Get organized because your program recipients rely on your GROWTH


enSiteCRM© for Non-Profit is a tailored solution for nonprofit organizations with an easy interface for donor management, event management, fundraising activities, volunteer management and many more features. Robust security features and flexible integration with other systems and service providers with recognized benefits.

enSiteCRM© for Non-Profit

Are you tracking information across various places and spreadsheets managed by different people? Is it difficult to maintain accurate data? Can you and your staff easily track fundraising activities, donation history and analyze and measure successes? enSiteCRM© for non-profit is a feature rich solution catered to nonprofits. Track and manage contact and constituent profiles; manage donations and sponsorship; events and fundraisers; track and measure the success of each event and fund raising initiative. Most of all allow your staff access to real-time, accurate and consolidated information so that they can focus on what they do best.

Contact Management. Centralize information and maintain contact and constituent profiles. Track donations and contact donation history. Segment and target contacts directly. Build strong relationships with peers and donors and increase donation opportunities, measure and track donations and fundraising goals.

Event Management. Plan, organize and manage fundraising and sponsorship events and related data. Identify and communicate event information with target list, identify attendees from list of contacts. Manage event details, volunteers, attendees, corporate and individual sponsors. Track donations and measure event success against goals.

Email Automation. Boot productivity and streamline organizational efficiency with automated email responses, automated notification and reminders, scheduled event communication. Manage appreciation and thank you generated emails.

Reporting. Gain unique insight into your activities, contacts, donations. Analyze, plan and make informed decisions with greater insight of donor profiles, donor history, campaign responses, event attendance, ponsorships. Allow your organization to leverage the information received and reported
through enSiteCRM© into informed actionable plans.