Get Back to What’s Important, Your Patient’s Care.


Keep the patient’s circle of care members informed and up to date and keep your Care Teams focused on what matters most, the Patient.

Does your organization use spreadsheets, sticky notes, and email to communicate and resolve issues and patient requests? Often times, these forms of managing patient care requests fall through the cracks causing frustrated and unhappy patient and family members. enSiteCareConnect© is designed to streamline collaboration and manage requests and care needs while giving time back to your Care Teams to focus on patient care.

Free up your team’s time and improve organizational efficiency.

Eliminate the multiple sources of data and adopt enSiteCareConnect© to as your single source of requests, issues and care needs management.

Simplify and automate your workflow and cut down administrative tasks.

Collaborated patient care between care teams and patient’s family.

Stop wasting time tracking down colleagues. Let the enSiteCareConnect© help you collaborate.

Keep patient’s circle of care informed; receive and respond to requests, concerns and questions securely and effectively.

Check enSiteCareConnect© at any where and any time for the status of open issues and requests.

Communicate with patient’s circle of care via secure and preferred communication channels.

Communicate securely with all family members and care team member about the patient’s care.

Access real-time updates and communication even when your on the go securely.

Continue providing the highest quality of service.

Never let requests for care slip through the cracks or go unanswered for prolonged period of time enSiteCareConnect© will track and automatically notify additional employees when there is a lack of response Get the information you need at anytime from anywhere… Stay informed and provide care with the right up to the minute information.

Take the guess work out of what are your patients saying about the care they are receiving.

Eliminate the guesswork as to if your organization is meeting the patient’s need with the quality they expect.

enSiteCareConnect© will ask and track the responses from the patient and family on how well your team is supporting them in their time of need.

Keeping Family Members and Caregivers Connected About Their Love One’s Care with enSitePatientConnect© as your branded patient portal.

Engage patients and patient authorized members in their care using enSitePatientConnect© accessible any time, anywhere from any trusted device.

Patient and family members are able to submit care request 24/7 with the assurance it will be handled by the care team. Receive status updates of their care requests. Correspond with their care team.

Send reminders and keep your patients and family members informed of their care visits and appointments.

Family members can provide instant feedback to the care team caring for their love ones.