enSiteCRM© for Accounting Firms

A better way to optimize client management and improve time record capture.


Focus on your core business competencies and trust us to deliver a sustainable and
seamless technology solution designed to evolve with your company.

Feature rich enSiteCRM© catered for Accounting Firms designed to manage contacts, individual and business customers; streamline collaboration; manage relationships and communications while allowing you to capture your time records any time, from any location while the information is fresh and top of mind.

enSiteCRM for Accounting Firms

Spend more time doing what your customers expect, helping them with their accounting needs. enSiteCRM© for Accounting is excellent in helping you to obtain new customers efficiently and close more business faster by garnishing more interest in your services. With the ability to create rich customer profiles, you will be in a position to have a personalized outreach while creating life-long relationships your customers.

Sales. Improve visibility of your leads, detect new opportunities, close deals easier and faster for both your customers and employees through the contact management feature. Our eSignature integration with DocuSign will make it ease and faster to obtaining signature from your new customers and start generating revenue.

Marketing. Increase the visibility and interest in your accounting or legal services with improved marketing through social media as well as other multiple-channels. Create marketing campaigns, send out mailings, automate and track how well your marketing investments are performing.

Service. Deliver the best in class service to your customer with ease. Use our Case Management capability for efficient and organized communication with your customer while incorporating automated template responses to save time. Provide your customer with a branded self-service web portal and mobile application to allow them to communicate with your organization with ease.

Integration. Save time and improve accuracy of data as enSiteCRM© integrates seamlessly with the most popular tax, accounting and legal system.

  • Twitter: Connect with your contacts, schedule tweets and automate your social interaction.
  • Facebook: Engage your Facebook contacts and post to the their walls and your local business wall. Leverage our chat bot feature to handle inquires and collect potential customer contact information.
  • Telephony: Make and receive calls and track conversation seamlessly.