Bridging the gap between patient family care team and clinicians with our efficient, intuitive and insightful Patient Care solution.


Your trusted partner providing you tailored, cost effective and reliable Customer Relationship Management.


Know, Respond, Resolve
Give immediate attention and support your customer and employee needs fast and easy.


We have developed feature rich suite of custom products with enSiteCareConnect© for Hospice, Palliative and Home Healthcare providers and enSiteCRM© customized solution for Law Firms, Accounting Firms, Nonprofits and Small Businesses tailored at managing your unique customer relationship needs and touchpoints.

Our products offer a complete set of capabilities meeting your specific industry needs, robust security features and flexible integration with other systems and service providers with recognized benefits.

At EnTek, we provide further tailoring of our products to fit your individual competitive differentiators, operating model and organizational structure. Our objective is to allow you to focus on your core business competencies and trust us to deliver a sustainable and seamless technology solution designed to evolve with your company.